This is rash and reckless behaviour such as when intoxicated, or when a person doesn’t consider they are answerable to a higher authority, or not thinking of the possible consequences. By rebelling against authority, people are acting unwisely and liable for punishment (Rom 13:1-5). Irresponsibility

It is foolish to not consider the possible consequences

is being only focused on the immediate pleasure, not the long-term goals. Irresponsible people are easily distracted or deceived, putting self-pleasure ahead of what is best. It is like saying ‘Yes’ without knowing the question or considering the implications. Not attending to the essential things is like not planning or preparing for the future and is compared to ‘sleeping through the harvest’ (Prov 10:5). Jesus said it is paramount to listen and do what the Bible says, otherwise it is like building a house without foundations – disaster will destroy what we have put effort into (Mt 7:21-27).

See also: careless, consequences, fool/foolish, foundation, responsible/responsibility.