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Often a close bond develops between these two groups when they are living in close proximity with regular interaction. The senior members can play an integral part in the dynamics of a healthy extended family by making themselves available and being involved. As they listen and offer advice they can be a pivotal and steadying influence. Inter-generational relationships need to be fostered and strengthened with love and genuine interest to bridge the wide cultural divide that exists between generations in the modern world. Characteristics evident in wholesome kinship networks include respect for each other, fulfilling responsibilities, reciprocal support and resilience due to varying life situations.

Ideally, the legacy Christian grandparents leave for their grandchildren should be of greater worth than momentary value (Prov 13:22; 2 Tim 1:5). They should have instilled Godly values into their young descendants on a consistent basis through the example of living out their faith and talking about the Lord.  

     What legacy am I leaving to                     succeeding generations?

Grandparents should not meddle in, or override, the parent’s authority over their own children however, prayer is effective! The sins of previous generations are passed on down through the family line (Ex 34:7). This is a strong incentive to live God-honouring lives and so, in a measure, protecting those in our family from the perils of life. Through deep repentance, these inherited bondages and curses can be broken through the power of Christ (Neh 9:2).

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