God is a God of order and there are consistent rewards for obedience, and following the directives of Scripture, yet consequences for not doing right (Deut 28:1ff; Josh 1:7,8; Mal 3:18; Gal 6:9; Eph 6:8). However, the Christian life is more than doing something for a predictable outcome, as then it can revert into a ritual or formality, a religious exercise,

   Is my priority following the                       method or the Master?

following the rules instead of a loving relationship with the rule-maker. Our first responsibility is our relationship with Him, not methods or programs but connection (Jn 15:4-8). Out of love and devotion to Him for saving us, we will desire to walk uprightly, obeying Him and having attentive ears to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. (This will always be in alignment with Scriptural principles).

The Christian disciplines of praying, worship and Bible reading should not be just rigid patterns or set times in our lifestyle. Respond spontaneously to your hearts desires; be in a continual attitude of thanksgiving, sensitive to His working in and through you.

See also: formality, methods, pattern, ritual, spiritual disciplines.

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