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Religion is following a set of rules while Christianity is based on a love relationship with Christ. However it can revert to a ritual – worshipping God only with our lips, in an outward show with our hearts far from God – if there is not an ongoing walk of obedience and vial connection with Him (Mt 15:8). This then can be termed a performance – just going through the motions, a mundane existence, not expecting God to intervene in our life – by “Having a form of godliness but denying its power” (2 Tim 3:5). God would say to us, ‘You have lost your zeal, your first love. Repent and turn back to me, loving me like you did when you were a new Christian’ (Rev 2:4,5). When we lose sight of the seriousness of sin, we begin to lose the thrill of forgiveness, settling for a mediocre relationship with the Lord that lacks joy, enthusiasm and vitality. We lose the perspective of the necessity of Bible reading and prayer for our spiritual wellbeing, instead experiencing dryness or leanness in our spirit.

The remedy is to stir up our hearts and return to Him (Jer 29:13; Mal 3:7). Make your spiritual experience an ongoing reality. Personalise “The Lord is MY shepherd”; reflect

Pay the price for the ‘real deal’

on His guidance and the blessings you have received, pray and believe for His continuing involvement in your affairs, and fresh revelations from His Word (Ps 23:1-6). Deal with sin in your life so the Holy Spirit can communicate to you, enabling you to have a living, vibrant, sparkling, attractive relationship with the Lord. Why settle for an unattractive, lifeless ritual when He offers an abundant relationship?

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