Normal procedure or fixed method of doing something. This structured order and organisation of a standard pattern is beneficial and in fact

Efficiency can be achieved by routine

essential to avoid chaos and confusion. The discipline of a routine also ensures things are done even when we don’t feel like it. The Bible says, “Train up
a child in the way they should go…” (Prov 22:6). This involves a consistent system of repetition to establish a pattern which becomes a habit.

However, we can sometimes be so busy ‘doing’ or in ‘auto pilot’ that we miss God, yet gaining spiritual sustenance is a routine that must be pursued consistently. To prevent necessary tasks becoming monotonous lifeless rituals, lacking reality and vitality, vary the approach and try creative new methods to rekindle life and enthusiasm – particularly in your devotions of Bible reading and prayer.

Although routines can turn into ruts having set times for certain things is good. David indicated he sought God in the mornings (Ps 5:3, 143:8), Daniel prayed three times a day, and not even the threat of death made him change his routine (Dan 6:10); it is recorded of both Jesus and Paul "as was their custom" (Lk 4:16; Act 17:2).

See also: being and doing, habits, pattern, ritual, self-discipline.

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