Fishing is mentioned numerous times throughout the Gospels.  Small fish were used in the miraculous feeding of two large crowds of people (Mt 14:16-21, 15:34-38).  Large fish were also caught (Jn 21:11). Fish were caught by line, or by casting nets often from boats (Mt 4:18, 17:27; Lk 5:4).  The Sea of Galilee was the source of an abundance of fish yet none can live in the very salty waters of the Dead Sea.  Jonah was swallowed by a large sea creature – some versions call it a large fish, others a whale (Jnh 1:17).

Fishing was the occupation of at least five of the 12 disciples. Jesus called His disciples from catching fish to be “fishers of men” (Mk 1:17).  This term is often used today to describe soul winning, along with the symbol of a

Am I developing my human fishing abilities?

fish. The first letter of the Greek words for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour” form the word for fish in Greek. This was sometimes used as a secret sign by first century Christians under persecution.

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