Ability to reproduce and sustain life. Land can be termed barren or fertile – producing little or a plentiful harvest. Productivity can be increased by ensuring there is sufficient water, adding fertiliser and material beneficial for growth (Gen 13:10; Lk 13:6-9). Jesus spoke a parable about four types of soil and the seed sown in it (Mt 13:3-9,18-23). The

Is the ‘soil’ of my heart favourable                                             to growth?

quality of the soil determined the harvest as the same seed was sown in each, yet with vastly differing results. While this illustrated the different fertility and ultimate productivity of people’s hearts to receive the good seed, unfortunately human hearts are wicked and can conversely bring forth an undesirable crop (Gen 6:5, 8:21; Lk 6:45). The natural soil can be enhanced by removing stones and weeds while adding beneficial material to boost productivity. In a similar way we should develop a daily time of Bible reading and prayer (personal devotions or quiet time) and meet for fellowship with other believers on a regular basis to increase our usefulness to Him while also eliminating what is negative and destructive (Act 20:32; Gal 4:19; Phil 4:8,9; 2 Tim 2:20,21; 1 Pet 2:2; Jud 1:20).

See also: barren, conception, fruit, growth, infertility, input, produce/productivity, sow and reap.

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