The supposed ability of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond the normal capacity and limitations of our five senses. This psychic or extra sensory perception (ESP) is often associated with the New Age movement and relies on the wrong spiritual input – it is Satan’s counterfeit.  

God spoke supernaturally through the OT prophets – they could foretell the future, and ‘see’ events that had not yet happened, and know things that had not come through their five senses (1 Sam 9:9). The source of this ability was God and He strong condemns consulting with any psychics and mediums or those who practice divination, astrology or any form of witchcraft as they give unreliable messages and decietful predictions (Ex 22:18; Deut 18:9-13; Lev 19:31; 2 Chr 33:6; Zech 10:2).

In Christian counselling God may give a word of knowledge, or prophetic insight about issues unknown to bring clarity and emotional healing. This is not clairvoyance or ESP rather it the Holy Spirit ministering into situations so we “may live a life worthy of the Lord and please Him in every way” this includes the natural intuition to sense when something is not right (1 Cor 12:8; Col 1:9,10).

Jesus operated from the divine source, whereas a girl predicting the future functioned from an evil source (Jn 4:16-19,39; Act 16:16-18).

God made us to be dependent on Him and if we want knowledge beyond what our senses can tell us we are to seek that information from God, and from God alone. A Christian has a personal relationship with the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ, is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and can read and discern the mind of God in the Holy Scriptures.

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