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Charity is both an attitude and an activity. Without charity (also called love), any other action is defective and substandard (1 Cor 13:1-8). It should be the motivating force of all we do as it reflects the nature of God Himself (Gal 5:22; Eph 2:4; 1 Jn 4:8). The Bibles message is to “Do everything in love [with charity]…loving one another deeply” (1 Cor 16:14).

Charity is being kind to the poor, not closing your eyes to their need, but helping them in their plight (Prov 19:17, 28:27, 31:8,9). This practical sacrificial love reaches out to help those in need, willingly

Give generously and wisely

and generously, without drawing attention to ourselves (Mt 6:1-4, 25:35-45; Act 4:32-35, 10:2,4, 11:27-30). As much as possible these actions should not become a dependency or handout issue, rather a hand-up so the recipient can become self-sufficient. Maybe one day we will be on the receiving end and the Bible teaches that we will receive in proportion to what we have given (Lk 6:38; Rom 15:26,27; 2 Cor 8:14, 9:6; Gal 6:7). “Freely you have received, freely give” – follow God’s generous example who graciously gave us all things (Mt 10:8; Rom 8:32; 2 Pet 1:3).

See also: benevolence, good works, handout/hand up, love, poor, welfare.

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