As a direct result of the original sin, Adam, Eve, and Satan (posing as a serpent) were all cursed in one way or another. One of the judgements for Eve, and consequently all mother’s is stated as “I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children” (Gen 3:16). However, afterwards the suffering is replaced with joy (Jn 16:21). Our natural birth although significant is not as eternally vital as the second birth or being ‘born again’, when a person repents of sin and accepts Christ’s offer of salvation, for He said “Unless a person is born again they cannot [enter] the Kingdom of God” (Jn 3:3).

In our minds, ideas can be conceived, and thoughts set in motion, which will also develop to bring to birth something of either honour or dishonour. Hence the Bible’s advice to guard our hearts more than any treasure and take control of what we think about as what the mind conceives, it proceeds to bring into reality – unless it is terminated by our deliberate action (Prov 4:23; 2 Cor 10:4,5).

What is likely to be 'born' from my thoughts?

Paul likened his deep concern over those he was responsible for to be spiritually mature, as the intense anguish of childbirth (Gal 4:19). We too, should have a passionate burden for those in our spiritual care.

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