<<wealth, material comfort>>

Wealth is not condemned in Scripture and is seen as a good gift from God, however knowing and following Him as well as having eternal wealth is preferable to amassing earthly treasure for personal enjoyment (Ps 19:8-11). There is no lasting security or even satisfying happiness in having ‘things’ in abundance. The dangers of affluence can lead to pride, a reliance on them instead of on God, and cause contempt for God (Deut 8:17; Prov 11:28, 30:8,9). There can even be a concern as to who will get the wealth which we stored up and whether it will be used wisely when we die (Ps 39:6, 52:5-7; Lk 12:15). The material possessions of this life will deteriorate and amount to nothing. A better approach is to invest in souls that will be in heaven eternally (Mt 6:19-21, 16:26; 1 Tim 6:17-19). “The Lord's blessing is our greatest wealth” with peace, happiness and contentment being some of the desirable qualities that accompany His favour (Prov 10:22).

If God gives us the ability to get rich, then use it to extend His Kingdom and minister to the needs of those less fortunate, rather than consume it on our own desires (Deut 8:18, 28:47,48; Prov 22:9; Lk 12:16-21). This is wisely using our affluence to influence people for the Kingdom of God. It is using

Can I give more of my resources for the eternal benefit of humanity?

what we have been blessed with to bring blessing to others. The question is asked, how can the love of God exist in a person if they don’t respond to the needs of others? (1 Jn 3:17,18).

Develop Godly character as it is of greater worth than many possessions or affluence. We need a true and balanced perspective in relation to money and what it can buy (Prov 11:4, 22:1,4, 23:4,5, 30:8,9; Rev  3:15-18). Wealth can subtly become ‘god’ in our lives, “The love of money being a root of all kinds of evil” (Mt 6:24, 19:16-26; Lk 18:24; 1 Tim 6:9,10; Heb 13:5). Do I have a godly perspective to prosperity?

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