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In today’s modern society a perverted emphasis is placed on acquiring money yet the Bible instructs, labour not to be rich, for contentment with Godliness makes a person extremely rich (Prov 23:4,5; 1 Tim 6:6).

Riches present extra temptation and can result in foolish lusts that often lead to destruction. This is why those well off financially are challenged to be humble-minded, to be involved in good works and generous to others, not trusting in their riches but God (Mt 13:22, 19:23; Lk 12:16-21; 1 Tim 6:9,10,17-19). It is difficult for rich people to humble themselves and accept Christ because they consider money

Riches are good servants, but a bad master

can purchase what they need, yet riches are deceptive; wealth can’t buy health, a good reputation, real love, a right relationship with God or entry to heaven (Ps 37:16; Prov 11:4, 22:1; Mk 10:23; Rev 3:17).

Christ was rich in every way possible, yet became poor by setting aside His glory and rights becoming as one of us so that through His poverty we can be rich in God (2 Cor 8:9). As Christians we have received divine riches that far outweigh any passing treasures known in this world (Eph 1:7,18, 3:8,16; Phil 4:19). As we grow in our understanding and experience in Him, these heavenly riches, of God’s grace, should be outworked through our lives with increasing measure as we minister Him to others. God is also made richer as He sees all the redeemed believers who are saved (Eph 2:7).

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