Sin is not a trivial matter – because of it, Jesus died for us. Those who don’t accept His offer of salvation end up in eternal torment. We need to keep things in their right perspective, giving priority to what is essential, besides considering the long-term consequences, and put effort into what will last rather than waste time on things that are of little consequence or no eternal value (Mt 6:19,20).

What trivial thing of earth takes my attention and consumes my emotional energy so that I ignore the fact that the lost around me are going to hell? Paul said he considered all his achievements as worthless, inconsequential and unimportant compared to that of knowing Christ (Phil 3:7-14).

It is essential to find your calling in God and pursue it wholeheartedly. The other matters of life that seem so important and urgent today, as they ‘scream for attention’, will have been forgotten in a little while, fading in the light of eternity.

Don’t focus on petty things

Am I like Martha who was more concerned about the passing temporal matters or like Mary who was giving attention to what is of lasting worth (Lk 10:38-42)?

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