Make these a matter of priority, some things are desirable yet not vital. Do what must be done first, then if there is time, money or resources available consider attending to the non-essentials.  Pray for wisdom to accurately evaluate what is vital and have clear boundaries so you fulfill your calling without being sidetracked into doing nice yet

 The urgent should not crowd out                                        the necessary

unprofitable things. Clarify your crucial, non-negotiable, ‘must do’ things – what you will not compromise.  Martha was being a good hostess, while Mary was receiving the essential, life-changing truth from Jesus (Lk 10:41,42).

Regardless of what else a person does or doesn’t do in life, it is crucial they become a child of God and walk with Him to avoid eternal damnation (Jn 1:12, 3:36).

See also: important, non-negotiable, priority.

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