Travel in Bible times was mostly on foot, with some either on horseback or by ship, while in the last days, the Bible says, there will be much [restless] travelling, to and fro (Dan 12:4).

During their journey from Egypt to Canaan the Israelites followed a cloud, moving by divine instruction, and although they had to retrace the same path several times because they failed to learn the lesson by the previous experience He was still with them (Num 9:23; Deut 2:1-3, 8:2). It is of utmost importance to “Commit your way to Lord…Consider the path of your feet…Take only good paths…By guarding your way, you guard your soul” (Ps 37:5; Prov 2:20, 4:26,27, 16:17).

This life is only a journey to the next, not a destination in itself. Be sure you are traveling the right road for “Wide is the road that leads to destruction, but narrow is the path to heaven”, so to avoid the preventable disasters that so many people experience in life, diligently enquire where the Godly road is and walk in it, ‘hand in hand’ with the Master for “The righteous walk in the ways of the Lord” (Prov 14:2; Jer 6:16; Hos 14:9; Mt 7:13). Do not deviate, but focus on your eternal home, knowing the path we travel determines our destination, and when this life is over that eternal destination can't be altered. Now is the time to start travelling towards everlasting life.

“Your Word lights my way” (Ps 119:105). Develop a Bible reading habit, an intimate prayer life, sensitiveness with obedience to the Holy Spirit, and a lifestyle of integrity, besides utilizing various spiritual resources to enable a safe and successful journey. God would say to us, though “You have never been this way before…[even] the simple will not stray from it” provided we stay close to Him

Ensure God is your travelling partner through life

(Josh 3:4; Isa 35:8). By faith, Abraham obeyed though he ‘knew not’ where God was leading (Heb 11:8). Praise Him for the guidance, protection, plans and lessons He has taught you through His overall goodness, mercy and love because you are His child (Ps 32:8; Jer 29:11).

Although we answer to God as individuals, we do influence each other through our life’s journey, so choose your traveling companions (spouse, close friends) wisely as together you will, to a large extent, govern each other’s progress, so walk with others of like mind (Amos 3:3). Paul outlined his travel plans with the stopovers to minister to the Christians and James urged his readers to commit their plans to God (Rom 15:24; 2 Cor 1:15-17; Jas 4:13-15).

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