There are ultimately only two paths in life, and the Bible warns us not to set foot on the inviting and wide pathway of sin for it is crocked and devious, ending in eternal destruction, rather keep to the path of righteousness which, although narrow and difficult, leads to life (Prov 2:11-15,20; Mt 7:13,14).

Life is a continual choice – God’s path or Satan’s

The Psalmist stated, “The Lord is my shepherd; He leads me in the paths of righteousness, for His glory. Even when it leads through the valley of death He will guide me” (Ps 23:3,4). We are also instructed to “Acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths”; these will become clearer all the time while in contrast the way of the wicked grows continuously darker (Prov 3:5,6, 4:18,19).

“Your word guides me, illuminating the way ahead…You Lord have made known to me the path of life” but it is up to us to choose to walk those paths (Ps 16:11, 119:105; Isa 2:3; Lk 1:79). Ongoing guidance is needed, as often only the next step is revealed at any one time, so pray “Show me your ways, and teach me your paths”. It is the humble and those who obey that He delights to guide (Ps 25:4,9,12). We are challenged to “Consider the pathway of our feet”, exercising thought and wisdom, taking only the proper ways approved by God (Prov 1:10,15, 4:14,26,27). Wrong choices lead down ‘slippery’ sinful pathways, so don’t make hasty decisions and, especially in major areas of your life, also seek counsel from mature leaders.

Living in righteousness, love, integrity and holiness are the general guidelines for all believers to walk the divine path through life. Specific individual (ministry callings) have unique, ‘tailor made’ requirements – maybe to remain single, to live simply to identify with a particular group, or become a missionary. May our testimony be, “My steps have held to your paths, my feet have not slipped” from the new and living way, that Jesus has prepared for us to walk (Ps 17:5, 44:18; Heb 10:19,20).

The question is asked, “How can a young man keep his way pure?”; the answer is by living according to the Word of God stored within the heart (Ps 119:9,11,101,128). We must all be disciplined in our thoughts and desires so we are not led astray or miss the path. Communing with the Lord and spending time reading, studying, meditating on and memorizing the guidebook (the Bible) will aid us as the principles for life it contains, if followed, will keep us from deception and our life will be a success (Josh 1:8; Ps 1:1-6; Prov 4:13, 7:25).

See also: choice, consequences, guidance (divine), obedience, way.