Temperament is a person’s nature or whole manner of life – their thinking, feeling, words, actions and reactions – as revealed by their characteristic behaviour. Some people are fickle, easily frazzled or upset, unpredictable, impetuous and often make unwise decisions. Other people are steady, dependable, and levelheaded, through exercising self-control, tolerance and patience. A wise man fears God while a fool is hot headed and reckless
(Prov 14:16,17; Eccl 7:9).

Befriend and learn from those whose Godly lifestyle you admire for we become like those we live among (Prov 22:24,25; Isa 6:5). With God’s help and self-discipline we also can develop Godlike character qualities, so before reacting stop and think what a Godly response should be, instead of giving immediate vent to your feelings. Our behaviour

Am I exhibiting the character of                        Christ – Romans 8:29?

should reflect that of our Master and Lord, Jesus Christ, who always displayed the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22,23).

See also: attitude, character, moods, personality, reaction, response, self-control.


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