The sum total of an individual’s qualities of character, thinking and emotion that gives them a distinct uniqueness and leads to varied behaviour choices. Our real personality can be masked, to give a false impression, yet such hypocritical tactics are eventually revealed for what they truly are (Mt 7:15, 10:26). While we often just judge a person by

Does my personality increasingly reflect that of Christ?

their outward attributes, God sees into the heart, the true gauge of a person's character and personality (1 Sam 16:7). It is from this inner source that the real person emerges (Prov 4:23; Lk 6:45). The various challenges of life that confront us will inevitably expose any weakness or undisciplined areas of our personality such as reacting when under stress and giving in to temptation. As Christians, we should be developing the nature and character of Christ. The face exposes the heart and inner beauty of spirit is more desirable than external qualities (Prov 27:19; 1 Pet 3:3,4).

Personality or psychological disorders are behavioural and mental traits that deviate markedly from those accepted by the individual’s culture and have a negative impact on the quality of life. Our upbringing and culture to a large degree determine the underlying reason behind why we do certain things, however, by self-discipline and effort we can change various aspects of our personality.

See also: behaviour, character, individualism.