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When under stress our emotions can easily get out of control – feeling we are not coping, being ignored or frustrated – and the results can be disastrous. We can’t

Our responsibility is to control it

determine what happens to us but we can have the control of our attitudes and reactions to these demanding situations of life.

When in a temper the brain is not properly engaged, thinking is irrational, and so unwise words and actions can result (Prov 14:17). Take control of your emotions and calm down, for we should be “slow to become angry, because it doesn’t bring about the righteous life that God desires” (Jas 1:19,20). God said to Cain, “Why are you angry? You must master it or it will master you” (Gen 4:6,7). Jesus said anyone who is angry with his brother is in danger of experiencing God’s anger toward them (Mt 5:22). The Bible’s instruction is “In your anger don’t sin or let it continue to control you”, resolve the issue and get rid of anger (Ps 4:4; Eph 4:26,31).

What are the things that make me annoyed, cross and give rise to temper – what do I need to address?  Can I develop a workable solution so I can handle these situations in a more Godly way, or maybe even take steps to prevent such events happening in the first place? “It is better to keep the temper under control than to take a city…A fool vents

How is my anger management –                    what strategies do I use?

his anger but a wise man keeps himself under control” (Prov 15:1, 16:32, 19:11, 29:11). The Bible instructs us to "Rid yourselves of anger, rage..." (Eph 4:31; Col 3:8).

When God gets angry it is the righteous response of His holy nature expressing displeasure at sin and sinners who live contrary to His standards (Ps 6:1, 7:11, 30:5, 86:15; Jnh 4:2; Nah 1:3; Mk 3:5; Heb 3:11). Human 'righteous anger' has the proper focus, the proper motivation, the proper control, the proper duration, and concludes with the proper result. However, our temper is often motivated by selfishness and directed toward other people instead of toward sin.

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