The Sea of Galilee is subject to unexpected, fierce storms.  Even though several of the disciples had been fishermen and competent sailors, during one storm their boat was in danger of sinking (Mk 4:34-41).

Like literal storms, seasons of intense trials, tests and troubles will come to us all at various stages in our lives. Spiritual opposition will buffet us. Perplexing trials will come which will test our patience and cause us to ask why. During such bewildering times, we need to cry out to the Lord all the more, and cling tighter to Him because Satan desires to destroy us by driving a wedge between God and us,

How have you weathering the storms in life?

tempting us to handle matters without His aid. We need discernment to use the authority that Jesus has given us to resist the devil (Jas 4:7).

In order to face such storms the Bible instructs us to ‘build’ our lives on firm, solid, stable foundations. A foundation is out of sight with its purpose and dependability only tested by the ferocity of the storm when it comes and any weakness is exposed. We should prepare wisely for the calamities that may come upon us so there will not be the same devastation, heartache and loss as experienced by those who have not prepared.  A good foundation, Jesus said, is to hear and obey Him – for He has the words of truth (Mt 7:21-29). Time and effort are required to establish such a solid basis to counteract the buffeting.

Don't let the trials of life and adverse situations catch you off guard and get a major advantage over you, so be alert (Mt 24:43). Among other precautions be proactive by 'dressing' appropriately, by utilizing the spiritual armour, that protects your vital and vulnerable parts, while acting in faith and praying (Eph 6:11-17).

It is too late to prepare when the storm has arrived

Thankfully as a rule, the storms that come our way only affect us for relatively short periods although the aftermath of consequences can linger for a long time. Thank God that His power is greater than any opposition and that you are, therefore, on the winning side (1 Jn 4:4). Nothing happens in our life without having been approved by God or allowed to refine our character – this is often the total opposite of our desired comfort and perceived needs.

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