Spiritual Mapping

<<preparation for spiritual warfare>>

This is gaining an understanding of the specific, contributory evil powers that are dominant in a particular geographical region through research. Such information is gathered in preparation for focused spiritual warfare, through prayer, to bring about a reversal of the prevailing destructive conditions and resistance to the gospel. It is seeing the area from God’s perspective and, through this better understanding of the community, identifying the root causes and addressing them in Jesus’ name rather than just dealing with the symptoms. The present ungodliness of a place originates from what has gone on in the past, especially in regard to idolatry, sexual immorality, bloodshed and broken covenants amongst the original inhabitants who opened the door for these strongholds to be established. This activity is patterned on the spies who did a reconnaissance of the Promised Land and came back with specific details; however, they did not process the information through the eyes of faith, realizing God was on their side (Num 13:1,2,17-20,27-32). Paul also checked out the city of Athens seeking a clear strategy for presenting Christ to the inhabitants (Act 17:22,23).

Jesus said the way to rob a strong man’s house is to first make the owner (referring to Satan) helpless by one’s superior power (Mt 12:29). This was God’s strategy at the cross and stands as a principle of spiritual warfare.

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