Soul Winning

<<bringing the lost into the Kingdom>>

Jesus came to save the lost as ‘He is not willing that any should perish’ and He also commands His followers to, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel, [and] make disciples by teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Mt 18:14, 28:19,20; Mk 16:15; Lk 19:10; Act 1:8; 2 Pet 3:9).  Everyone has the right to hear a clear gospel presentation given in truth and integrity, indicating that Christ’s offer of salvation deals primarily with the life
to come (eternity) and is not just be of benefit for this life. People need to be made aware that if they die without having accepted Christ as their Saviour (living in an active relationship with Him) they will be doomed to an eternity of pain and heartache. It is then their choice to accept or refuse the offer of salvation that is given to all for, “Whosoever will may come” (Rev 22:17).

As Christians, we are to bear spiritual fruit, not just by living changed lives ourselves but also by actively bringing others into the Kingdom of God by challenging people with the

Do I intentionally share Christ?

message of the gospel as the only solution for our sin. The Bible states that those who go out bearing seed will return with a harvest, for those who wins souls to righteousness are wise and will shine like stars (Ps 126:5,6; Prov 11:30; Dan 12:3). The spiritual shepherds of the OT were reprimanded because they didn’t search for the scattered sheep – individuals who are wandering oblivious they are lost and vulnerable; similarly if we fail to witness for Jesus we will be held accountable, but if we witness and people don’t respond we are cleared from that responsibility (Ezek 3:18,19, 33:3-9, 34:6).

Jesus said, “Why labour for things that have no eternal value?...Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” (Mt 4:19; Mk 8:36; Jn 6:27). There is a plentiful harvest but few workers so we are to pray for more harvesters to bring in the crop – those who will believe in Jesus because of our message (Mt 9:37,38; Lk 10:1,2; Jn 17:20). Soul winning is based on being a faithful witness to proclaim what we have experienced and know to be true. We are to present the facts, but not to pressure or persuade which is the forcing a change the mind of another person to a particular point of view. It is the Holy Spirit who brings conviction and new birth to a truly repentant sinner. There is much rejoicing in heaven when a lost soul is truely saved (Lk15:7).

We should also endeavour to be part of the answer to those prayers by speaking and sharing our testimony with those who do not know Jesus. We need a good grasp of the basics of salvation and a compassion for people, allowing the Holy Spirit to minister through us as instruments in God’s hands, serving a common purpose to see the lost saved, established in the faith and walking with God (1 Cor 3:5-9; 3 Jn 1:4). As in the natural, when a baby is born they need assistance to develop, so it is when a person is born-again. Paul visited the emerging congregations to strengthen them as well as writing various epistles (letters) to provide teaching and encouragement to the new believers (Act 15:36, 18:23).

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