Becoming proficient in something is developed through knowledge, practice and aptitude. Do not ‘despise the day of small beginnings’ or fail to try your hand at various pastimes – who knows when it may prove beneficial and, although we

  Am I using my present ability and skill to bless               others, and develop expertise in new areas?

can’t be proficient in everything we can certainly expand the borders of our comfort zone by trying different things (Job 8:7; Zech 4:10). Those who were already skilled were used in the building and outfitting of the Tabernacle, and “I [God] have given skill to the craftsmen” further enhancing their talents (Ex 28:3ff, 31:3-11, 35:10ff).

When David used his sling against Goliath it was not his first experience, having practised hitting the mark numerous times while minding the sheep, but little realising where this would lead. When confronted with the challenge, David was not fearful like all the trained soldiers, rather he confidently declared ‘in God’s name Goliath will be the

Always acknowledge God’s part –                               Deuteronomy 8:18

same as any other target’. He was an expert with his sling and rejected Saul’s armour which he was not used to (1 Sam 17:24,34-40).

Success only comes by determined repeated effort and numerous failures; after all, who learned to walk without several bruises?

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