Don’t assume God wants everybody married as, in His economy, He uses each and every person dedicated to Him. Unmarried people can often be more devoted to God through having less distractions in the natural realm, but living just as fulfilling lives – being content in their calling in life through serving Him by reaching out to others (1 Cor 7:32-34). 

Being single is not an inferior state to marriage, and such people should not be considered defective in character, but accept their present role in life (Mt 19:10-12; 1 Cor 7:7,17). During your time of singleness, prepare to become the best partner possible for your potential spouse so, if or when the Lord brings your mate across your path, you will have a successful marriage. Such activities include becoming

Your responsibility is to discern God’s calling for you, not to be envious of others

more other-focused, developing domestic disciplines of cooking, cleaning and practical skills that are part of married life, besides growing in your love for Him and involvement in His kingdom.

Singles should be comfortable and victorious in their own right before marriage, as it is unwise to think a partner will provide total security or what is lacking in themselves. Such a life-long commitment, from both partners, should not be entered into lightly but only after much prayer, together with counsel from family, friends and pastor.

Sexual fantasies involving masturbation are often a problem for single people so these God given sexual desires and energies must be redirected into wholesome pursuits (1 Cor 7:9,36,37). Singles should team up with others to broaden their social skills and combat feelings of loneliness by having a good network of married couples, as well as friends of both sexes. Obviously, any dealings with the opposite gender must be with complete integrity, and ideally in a group setting. God has put the solitary in families, even if one’s natural family is non-functional there should be a bonding and connectedness in the family of God (Ps 68:6).

See also: contentment, friends/friendship, loneliness, marriage, masturbation, self-control, sexuality.

Single purpose

As believers our highest goal (and duty) in life is to love God with every part of our being (Mk 12:30). Jesus gave His life to save us from eternal torment in hell; its the least we can do in appreciation for Him stepping into our otherwise impossible situation. We are instructed to seek God's Kingdom and His righteousness (right way of living) before being concerned with the affairs of this life (Mt 6:32,33). When we put God first He will ensure the other matters are taken care of. God said to the Israelites, "I will give them singleness of heart and action, so that they will always fear me for their own good..." (Jer 32:39). The early believers had a singleness of purpose to grow in the knowledge of salvation and this was outworked in their lifestyle (Act 2:42-47). Our work ethics should be single-focused "as being done to God", not dependant if the boss is watching us or not (Eph 6:5; Col 3:22).

The Bible states, "It is impossible to serve two opposing masters at the same time" (Mt 6:24). As there would be a conflict of interest we must

Is God my master or is something else?

choose who we will be faithful to. Wavering between the two is not a viable option. As God's Kingdom will endure forever it makes sense to invest our time and resources in it rather than put our effort into that which will ultimately not last.

See also: focus, priority.