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A church service typically includes worship (praising God and giving ourselves to Him), prayer (asking God to guide and minister into specific situations), and receiving from God (instruction from the Scriptures with a call to action).

All the teaching and instruction given to explain the Bible should be focused on bringing about a change in lifestyle – to more closely resemble that which glorifies God and which He can bless – rather than just to impart knowledge. All spiritual instruction should bring

Outwork the teachings in your life

the hearers face-to-face with the Saviour and have a practical application or challenge to address the ungodliness of sin in our lives and encourage righteous living. James advises his readers not only to hear but to respond to Biblical instruction, for it is only by doing and applying the truth that we will be blessed (Jas 1:22-25). The ‘medicine’ of God’s Word is only of benefit when taken. After church ask your friends what they gleaned from the message, and how they plan to implement the truths.

Pray the Lord will open your spiritual eyes to see ‘glorious truths’ in His word which will set you free as you apply its message; however, do not just rely on preachers to feed your soul – their insights should just supplement your own daily time in the Scriptures (Ps 119:18; Jn 6:63, 8:32,36). Do not blindly

Sermons need applying

accept all that is spoken in ‘Christ’s name’, check it out from the Bible to ensure what has been said is truly from God (Act 17:11). The taking of notes is beneficial to retain thoughts and refresh the memory besides keeping the mind focused on what is being said – it may even prevent sleep overcoming the hearers (Act 20:7-11)!

The lives of Christians are the only ‘sermons’ some non-believers will come into contact with. What is the message they receive from you?

Paul wrote that a time is coming when people will not accept sound doctrine that requires a heart response, but instead turn to myths that only tickle their ears (2 Tim 4:3,4). Those who God has called to share the Word of God are to do so with conviction, faithfully  and 

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