Sermon on the Mount

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The longest and most famous of Jesus’ sermons or teaching, given on the slopes of a mountain. The focus is God's Kingdom and the righteousness of the Kingdom – instructing how to live a life dedicated to and pleasing to God (Mt 5:1-7:29; Lk 6:17-49).

It starts with the beatitudes or character qualities that should be found in the followers of Jesus.  These responses are the opposite to what is typical of today’s ungodly society.  Jesus’ teaching then covers proper living and conduct, including instruction about fasting, prayer, lust, wrong relationships and criticising people, amongst other topics. The golden rule of “doing to others as we would they do

Do I really practice the ‘golden rule’?

to us” is also given. The crowds were astonished at His teachings which He concluded with this statement, “You’ll be wise if you obey my instructions but foolish if you don’t” (Mt 7:12,24-29).

Do I just give mental assent to the philosophies and principles He presented, like those who built on an insecure foundation, or do I really incorporate His life-transforming truths into my life so when the storms of life come I have a strength and stability because my faith is grounded in Christ?

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