<<intentional self-injury>>

This is a deliberate, non-suicidal, self-inflicted injury which harms one’s own body by cutting, burning or hitting, misusing drugs or alcohol, excessive exercise, deliberately starving or binge eating. Inflicting self-punishment in this way is an unhealthy way to cope with emotional pain, frustration, or intense anger. This lesser pain, in the body, is caused to relieve the greater pain experienced in the soul, and is a cry for help from a person experiencing deep anxiety or depression, such as shown by the demon possessed man repeatedly mutilating himself in a destructive way until delivered by Jesus (Mk 5:5).

Anyone self-harming is failing to see their worth in God’s eyes and needs Christian counselling to deal with the major self-rejection issues it reveals.

See also: self-destruction, self-rejection, self-esteem, suicide, value.


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