<<deliberate enticement to sin>>

It is being enticed to lower one’s standards, letting integrity slip through subtle conditioning which weakens the defences, and doing something inadvisable, especially in the moral realm. Proverbs speak a lot about sexual seduction, and the adulteress hunting for a person’s life with disastrous results – “he followed her like an ox going to slaughter” (Prov 6:25,26, 7:6-26). When we yield to the temptations of our evil desires, being enticed in the area of our weakness this is sin (Jas 1:14,15). Crossing over defined boundaries brings untold heartache and regret with long-term consequences (Rom 6:23). 

Learn to recognise the tempter’s strategies to lead you astray and set clear limits or boundaries which are not negotiable and that you won’t cross (Dan 1:8). Be accountable to others and don’t be alone in vulnerable situations or allow the wrong motives of another to gain the advantage over you. When we see sin for what it is, (as rebellion and evil, primarily against God), and for which we must give account, it is a deterrent not to entertain its advances (Ps 51:4; Mt 12:36; Rom 14:12; Heb 4:13).

Evil people will deceive and be deceived themselves, and even the godly need to be on their guard so they are not deceived or seduced by what appears to be good but is a product of the wrong source

Literally run if you need to

(Mk 13:22; 2 Tim 3:13). Timothy noted that in ‘the last days’ there will those who take advantage of weak-willed women (2 Tim 3:6). Although he took precautions to safeguard himself, once when the circumstances changed, Joseph had to take drastic efforts to avoid compromise and he “ran from the house” (Gen 39:6-12).

See also: accountability, boundaries, consequences, deception, desires, guard, lust, precautions, temptation, weakness.


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