The Dead Sea is comprised of 30% salt compared to the normal ocean’s content of about 3.5%, hence it is also known as the Salt Sea. It was natural for Jesus to use the attributes with this common mineral to illustrate His teaching when He said to His followers, ‘You are the salt of the earth” (Mt 5:13).

The qualities of salt must be effective within our lives as well as outwardly, penetrating every aspect of life – seasoning to bring out the best taste, preserving from evil and preventing decay, bringing healing and cleansing

Does my life flavour my world with Jesus?

from sin and the shortcomings of human life.  Do we flavour our world for Jesus, representing Him to those who aren’t Christians and making them thirsty to know Him?  We will be of little influence if we are not salty. Our conversation, particularly, should be ‘seasoned with salt’, bringing in a wholesome influence and Godly insight to challenge those listening (Col 4:6).

The level of our intimacy with Christ and the degree to which we have allowed the Word of God to transform us determines the measure of our impact as Godly salt.

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