Moses was reluctant to be God’s mouthpiece to the Hebrews in Egypt, yet God would not accept a ‘No’ (Ex 4:10). Jonah also was initially reluctant to share the good news with the Israelite’s enemies, the inhabitants of Nineveh, knowing that if they repented they would be spared God’s judgement (Jnh 1:1-3, 4:2). We are to bless and pray for those who cause us troubles, not begrudge them receiving mercy at the hand of God (Lk 6:28).

The first two people who saw the wounded traveller in the Good Samaritan parable made excuses, as they were reluctant to get involved in his plight. The third put aside his agenda and gave assistance with Jesus saying, “Go and do likewise” follow his example (Lk 10:25-37).

Am I reluctant to share my Christian faith with others, knowing they might ridicule or reject me? At times, we all need a gentle prod from others to push us out of our comfort zone to embark on new ventures for the Kingdom of God and to enlarge our lives. However, the Holy Spirit’s conviction is the greatest motivator – because He also provides the necessary ability. These times of change are unsettling yet invigorating as we step out in faith. So often, we would like the exhilaration and glory of achievement without the pain of birth and growth, however that is impossible.

Often there is a hesitancy to let go of the tangible, sinful pleasures of this present life so we can gain the blessings of the unseen future in eternity. Yet when we see the eternal perspective (the long-term view) this will give motivation to turn from sin as we see it is not so much what we must give up, rather

Why do I hold back?

what we will gain. Satan tries to keep our eyes fixed on the carnal, temporary things of this world. We should instead be enthusiastic to invest in the Kingdom of God through finance, time and effort and welcome the Holy Spirit working on our character, knowing what we do for God will last forever.

We should humbly want to be used by God to make a difference in this world – "Here I am God, send me" (Isa 6:8). Volunteer and become involved in Kingdom affairs, especially in the lives of people. If He calls, He enables. What rights have we, like the clay, to argue with the potter (Isa 45:9)? Co-operate and walk in the anointing of His Spirit to accomplish what He desires through our lives. He bought us with His blood so we should no longer live for selfish purposes (2 Cor 5:15). He gave His life without reserve to gain our life – can we give Him anything less? Don't we want others to experience His hand on their lives too, and have eternal life?

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