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The need for reconciliation is because something is not as it should be, with efforts now being made to correct it. This leads to a resolution, bringing back into harmonious relationship those that were formerly hostile to one another – sometimes aided with a mediator.  Our sins made us enemies of God, yet through Christ we can be reconciled to God, and that message of a loving God reaching out to sinful humanity has been given to us Christians to proclaim (Mt 28:19,20; Rom 5:10,11,15; 2 Cor 5:18-20; Col 1:21,22). It is both a privilege and duty to share this good news – that the alienation between God and sinful humanity can be totally removed so that enemies can be forever friends.

“Blessed are the peacemakers”, those who bring healing and forgiveness between those of differing opinions (Mt 5:9). Forgiveness is a major key in relationships, and once a matter has been dealt with, it is dead – so don’t dig up the corpse!

Take genuine steps to resolve conflicts. The Bible says reconciliation is to precede worship. To be fully reconciled to God we must also be to others – we must practice what we preach (Mt 5:23-26). Then Paul advises not to let the sun go down on your anger, instead put matters right so they won’t

Do I need to be reconciled to someone?           What practical steps will I take today?

have an ongoing detrimental effect on your body and relationship (Eph 4:26).  A small problem can grow into a major conflict if not addressed quickly and adequately (Phil 4:2,3).

Willingly negotiate and talk things out with those who want to put things right and resolve relational issues.  There are normally faults on both sides, so when one party is honest and humble enough to admit their mistakes, often the other party will also relent of their hardline attitude and at least make an effort to come back into some sort of amicable relationship.

Sometimes the other party may not want to participate immediately – they may be very hurt or want to see you are genuine in your desire, so by lifestyle and prayer live out your message. In our hearts we can forgive wrong done to us and know release even if the other person is dead.

Although appealing to us, the belief of ultimate reconciliation or universalism that God will reconcile every soul at some point and they will spend eternity with Him, is wrong and unbiblical.

See also: estrangement, forgiveness, great commission, hurt, mediator, peace, relationship, response, restitution/restore, restorative justice, salvation, universalism.

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