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Every endeavour in life, from daily exercise to marriage, will have high and low periods; sometimes we are more motivated and passionate than at others. With any venture, there will be a cost involved and ongoing challenges. This factor should be considered before embarking on the undertaking otherwise there can be a looking back and questioning, ‘Did I make a wise decision?’ (Lk 9:62, 14:28). What was started so enthusiastically can turn to disillusionment. Periodically we should review each undertaking to guage how we are doing and revitalize important areas in which our devotion and zeal has faded or have drifted from the goal. The most critical is the spiritual dimension, where we may have “forsaken our first love” (Rev 2:4). Satan does all he can to dampen our spiritual life and make us lukewarm in our love for God so we must guard against his schemes.  

If we received Jesus as Saviour and Lord but have allowed that relationship to slip from what it was when we first believed He is waiting for us to return to Him (Jas 4:7,8; Rev 3:20). By repenting we can be restored back into vibrant fellowship with Him. Obviously our words need to be backed up with action and our godly qualities more evident now

Genuine recommitment results in                                   lifestyle change

than they were before (Mt 3:8; Rev 2:19). Those who wholeheartedly recommit or rededicate themselves to Christ will come to a deeper understanding of what it means to follow Him. Rather than continually wavering on the path to heaven, it is a time of deliberately rejecting sin and superficial devotion, giving ourselves more fully to Him. Spiritual maturity is a gradual yet ongoing process of daily ‘taking up our cross’ and following Him in the race of life (Lk 9:23; Rom 12:1,2; Heb 12:1). We follow Christ on His terms that include obedience and loyalty, not our selfish conditions.

Recommitting your life to Christ is a popular concept in modern Christian culture whereby a Christian who has fallen away from the practices of Christianity turns back to Christ and strives to follow Him more completely. However, falling away and then returning to God is not how the Christian walk is supposed to be outworked. So while recommitment is a useful tool, habitual sin must be addressed at the root so this cycle doesn’t repeat.

After the disciples saw the risen Jesus, their shattered faith and half-hearted devotion turned into a desire to pour out their lives for His service. In the same way, whether because of a conviction about a sinful lifestyle or a greater understanding of the gift of Christ’s salvation, we can choose to abandon our shallow devotion to Him and devote ourselves to Him more fully.

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