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Either people or objects can be devoted or consecrated to the Lord, separated from that which is not holy or from those who are not following Him (Ex 19:22,23). Samson and Samuel were dedicated at a young age (Jdg 13:5; 1 Sam 1:22,28). The temple that Solomon built was dedicated to the Lord God in a powerful ceremony. After it had been destroyed and then rebuilt, it was again dedicated (1 Kgs 8:22-53,62-66; Ezra 6:15,16). Following this example, churches often dedicate their buildings or leaders in a formal service.

The most important dedication we need to do is give ourselves fully to God (Rom 12:1; 2 Cor 8:5). This is not just a once-only decision but should be a continual, wholehearted giving of ourselves as an act of worship to God. It is saying, ‘God I am yours, you are the

Am I fully dedicated to the Lord?

boss, I choose to die daily to my sinful self and live for your Kingdom’s sake’ (2 Cor 5:15; Gal 2:20). It takes total dedication to fully please God – right attitudes and right decisions resulting in wholehearted obedience (1 Chr 22:12,13,19). We are told to "Find out what pleases the Lord" and deal with anything that would distract and compete for our loyalty (Rom 8:12-14; Eph 5:10; Col 3:5).

A Baby dedication is when Christian parents have their child publicly prayed over, asking for protection and blessing with the hope they will accept Christ as Saviour when they grow up. Salvation is not implied by this symbolic ceremony; it is only when a child is older can they choose to follow Christ of their own free will. Hannah dedicated her son to God, as did Mary and Joseph with the infant Jesus (1 Sam 1:11,26-28; Lk 2:22). Child or baby dedication is not one of the two ordinances (water baptism and partaking of the Lord’s Supper) required of Christians in the NT.

House dedication is a practice where the Christian residents through prayer 'invite' the Lord to be master of the premises and use it in any way He chooses, besides claiming protection from evil influences. Consequently, they will endeavour to ensure all activities, entertainments, and conversations within the house honour Him. An illustration is when Jesus reclaimed the temple for holy use by driving out those who had defiled it and dedicating it as a house of prayer and godly activity (Mt 21:12-14).

Rededication is a term indicating a saved person who has fallen away turning back to Christ in renewed devotion. Mature believers are exhorted to bring about restoration by gently confronting those who have wandered (Gal 6:1). However, the Christian walk should not be a roller-coaster experience, rather one of a consistent growth in Christ through daily commitment to Him and righteous living.

See also: christen, commitment, consecrate, devotion, ordinance, restitution/restore.