<<delay, defer>>

Procrastination is the delaying of something that should be done. Sometimes it is necessary or wise to defer something, yet it should be undertaken at the next available opportunity, and not be continuously postponed as this reveals the low value you attach to what has not yet been done.

“Today is the day of salvation”, so when the Spirit challenges, do not put off accepting Christ till a more convenient time (Act 24:25; 2Cor 6:2). This holds true for whatever the Spirit prompts us about – it is in our best interest to respond immediately, or the window

We may delay, but time will not

of opportunity may be lost forever, as we are not guaranteed a second chance. Through neglect, indifference or delay, we often forfeit God’s blessing. Procrastination is a bad habit and can have eternal consequences.

There is no ideal time, nor conditions, so if we continually wait for such an elusive occasion we’ll never do anything, and miss the present opportunity to act (Eccl 11:4).

The lack of action on unpleasant or difficult tasks indicates a lack of discipline, poor stewardship and maybe even disobedience to God, for if we know what to do and don’t do it this is sin (Jas 4:17). Self-discipline is required to overcome the lack of motivation and laziness. We won’t reach our God-given goal if we are not prepared to tackle the small, boring, or large and difficult challenges in front of us.  Don’t put off till tomorrow what needs to be done today, or else the ‘jobs to do’ list will just get longer.

If you are frustrated by unfulfilled dreams or visions and are getting nowhere in life through indecision, fear of failure, or ignoring what should be done with the problems compounding, make some serious decisions to constructively pursue goals and tackle what you have been putting off so you can begin to live a fulfilled life of accomplishment and enjoyment.

What should I be doing now that I have been putting off?

Decision-making gives the opportunity to gain control over an area of life or your future.  Don’t forfeit the chance to be the ‘action’ master of your life (under divine control and authority) and become a slave to indecision, lack of motivation or weak faith. Faith believes something will happen when a certain approach or action is taken. So confront your apathy, and make a start by setting priorities, breaking the big tasks into manageable sections, understanding that success in a large area is usually the result of a series of small goals having been accomplished. Set realistic timelines for tasks to be completed by, be accountable to others for the progress, and maybe even reward yourself when various milestones are reached. The Lord will not procrastinate and nor should we (Hab 2:3).

See also: apathy, decisions, delay, excuse, goals, intention, motive/motivation, now, postpone, regret, second chance, time/timing.