Apathy is being unresponsive or unmoved like having “a heart of stone” (Ezek 11:19). The lack of concern or interest in the plight of a fellow human in need is highlighted in the parable of the Good Samaritan (Lk 10:30-37). The judge who neither feared God nor cared about men, was stirred from

Am I stirred to pray persistently for those apathetic to their future destiny?

apathy into giving the widow what she asked for because of her persistence in asking (Lk 18:1-5).

Many people are unconcerned about preparing for the next life. Having been deceived by Satan, they are just interested in living for today, unaware of the necessity to get right with God if they want to enter heaven.

Being spiritually apathetic can affect even the most sincere Christian with the love, passion and fervor they once felt for the Lord vanishing. This may be caused by sin in the believer's life. David felt separated from God when he had sinned (Ps 51:11). The solution: confession of sin and ask for cleansing and renewal. Sin separates us relationally from God, but the grace and mercy of Jesus restores anyone who will address the issue. Another cause is allowing dead ritual to replace a true vital love relationship with the Lord. The first love of vibrant passion for Christ can deviate into a lifeless boring predictable routine rather than an adventure with the King of kings. By not maintaining a healthy connection to God, we have distanced ourselves from the true source of life (Jn 5:40, 15:4).

The remedy to being refreshed is remember, repent and renew. Think back to when you sensed the warmth and closeness of His presence, repent of the sin of apathy, and cultivate a renewed commitment to the Lord, not just serving but increasingly knowing and fellowshipping with Him. God's

Overcoming apathy is necessary for continuing our walk with God

promise still holds true, 'return to me, and I will return to you' (Mal 3:7; Jas 4:8). Satan loves apathy for it means believers are entangled in the world and ineffective for God. They are spiritually dry, feel distanced from God and are struggling to grow spiritually.

See also: backslide, fall away, give up, indifference, ritual, zeal.