<<entitlement, advantage>>

A special right available only to a particular group or person.

Although all believers have the same access to the resources of the Godhead, some are more desirous and are prepared to pay the higher price to enter into a greater level of relationship and prove themselves by walking in faithfulness and obedience with integrity. Abraham, also called “the friend of God”, and Moses are two who had awesome relationships with God. Although it may seem they were singled out for special blessing, they earned the right of that position by their godly lives and dedicated walk (Gen 22:1-12; Ex 33:11; Num 12:3; Deut 34:10-12; Jas 2:23).

The greatest privilege we have is to be part of the family of God with a secure future. Blessed, or fortunate, are those who are privileged to enter into heaven, it’s all His doing – we only accepted the gift (Lk 14:15; Jn 1:12). Don’t be satisfied to ‘just make it to heaven’. By living wholeheartedly for His

You are privileged to know the Saviour – enjoy His company and share Him

Kingdom demonstrates that you consider it a fantastic privilege that He saved you. Make Jesus proud that you recognize He died in your place. Jesus said, “You are privileged to see these things. Many others wanted to see and hear what you are experiencing yet are not able to” (Lk 10:23,24). Seize the opportunity you have been given to make Christ famous.

All believers have been ‘chosen in Christ’, not to live for ourselves, but rather to carry on His work (Mk 16:16-18; Jn 14:12; 2 Cor 5:15; Eph 1:11; Tit 3:14; 1 Pet 2:9). God desires to work through us – endeavour to be the best representation of Jesus you can to those outside the Kingdom so they will want to become His followers too. After being flogged the Apostles considered it a privilege to have been counted worthy to suffer for Christ (Act 5:40,41). Even when some of the early Christians were under severe financial pressure, they asked to share in the privilege of ministering to the needs of others, by looking beyond their own situations (2 Cor 8:4).  We are blessed to have forgiveness of sin and be called the children of God, although we can’t comprehend the full extent of it at the present. His great love lavished on us should encourage us to live in His service.

Another undeserved favour is that we can come right into God’s presence through Christ and ‘receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need’ (Phil 4:6; Heb 4:16). Use this privilege to seek His guidance and receive His comfort along life’s way.  The greater the

He is waiting for your request

privilege, the greater the responsibility, so live as children of God, those redeemed out of the devil's territory (Ps 107:2; Lk 12:48; Eph 5:8; Phil 2:14,15).

Rejoice that you have been given the physical privilege of living in comparative safety, with food and shelter, and the multitude of other blessings that many in this world are deprived of. Respect these resources and don’t squander them.

Being proved trustworthy can result in being given privileges those who are not reliable will not receive (Mt 25:20,21,28,29). Often with privilege comes power and position. If used wrongly these can destroy the right itself, along with the favour, trust and responsibility the position holds. Jesus demonstrated and taught that privilege could truly be manifest in serving (Lk 22:37; Gal 2:7).  Don’t abuse your privileges, rather respect, value and honour them highly.

See also: chosen, election, favouritism, opportunity, position, power, responsible/responsibility.