<<worldwide infectious disease>>

This is an infectious disease that is characterised by affecting people on a worldwide scale. In spite of research and medical breakthroughs, Jesus spoke of pestilences as being a common feature in the last days (Lk 21:11). These widespread plagues cause serious crop damage, and high death rates among humans and animals.

It is debatable whether God allows or even causes all sorts of unpleasant and deadly diseases that occur in this sinful world that has turned away from Him. In the OT there are several occasions when God brought plagues and diseases on His people and on their enemies: “to make you see my power”,

God is always in control

as the consequence of disobedience, or a warning not to depart from His ways (Ex 9:14,16; Lev 26:21,25; Deut 28:22). The plagues that afflicted Egypt were under His sovereign control as the Israelites were unaffected (Ex 12:13, 15:26). God has power over all things and His dealings with mankind always have the goal of repentance of sin and restoration to Him (2 Chr 7:13,14). Jesus healed “every disease and every sickness” as an exhibition of the same power to verify that He was truly the Son of God (Mt 9:35, 10:1; Mk 3:10).

Our life on earth is tenuous and can be taken at any moment. Death for the believer is the start of an amazing eternal life because of the blood of Jesus, while for those who have not accepted Christ it is the start of eternal damnation – a fate that should be avoided at all cost (Isa 53:5; Lk 3:7, 16:22-24;

God can use these events

2 Cor 5:21; Heb 9:28). As believers, we should not be overcome by fear, but boldly and with compassion share the gospel knowing that all things work together for the good of those who know and love Him (Mt 28:19,20; Jn 14:27; Rom 8:28).  During times of crisis and calamity when people realise situations are beyond their ability to control, desperate people are more motivated to turn to God – and He will be found by them (Jnh 1:4-6, 3:7-10; Jer 29:13; Act 17:26,27).

It is our right to make our own informed decision about receiving or declining vaccines or other medical treatments.  This should be a freewill choice, not being forced to take into our bodies any substance against our will for we are to be wise stewards of our bodies, in which the Holy Spirit lives (1 Cor 6:19). We are to honour the right of individuals to make their own decision. We are to respect and follow reasonable guidelines and although Governmental legislation and restrictions are generally made in good faith, they impact negatively on peoples emotional, mental and social health. The official narrative that is propagated by the media is used to generate fear and coercion.

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