A physical structure erected to commemorate and preserve the memory of a great event or heroic act. These serve as aids to remembering, such as when the Jordan River stopped flowing to allow the Israelites to cross and a stone structure was built  (Josh 4:4-7,21-24).

As individuals, we can also have significant ‘rocks of remembrance’ – places or dates when we recall God intervening in our lives in outstanding ways. What memorials do you have of the Lord’s work in your life – His provision,

What are some of my spiritual memorials?

answers to prayer or surrender of something special on the altar during your meeting with God? As you reflect on your life, you will discover numerous evidences of His ongoing provision, with some major, undeniable, miraculous involvement, worthy of being passed on to others. We should not be the focus of attention; rather God is the one who is glorified as we recount our story. While we are not to live in the past, refreshing our memory of His past intervention when feeling down will boost our confidence and faith. Some people have a journal outlining their encounters with God and the way He has sovereignly intervened in their lives.

See also: altars, journaling, memory, past, remember.