<<freedom, lack of restrictions>>

Liberty means being released into a state of freedom, enjoyment and satisfaction from oppressive restrictions that was not possible before because of a bondage of some kind.  “A man is a slave to whatever has mastered him” (2 Pet 2:19). This can be in the natural physical realm such as when slaves gain freedom (eg. the Israelites being freed from the bondage of Egypt). However, most importantly, it describes being free from the power and consequences of sin through the salvation that is offered to all. Christ’s gift liberates us from sin whose wages in the Kingdom of darkness is death, bringing us into a glorious freedom as children of God (Rom 6:23, 8:18-21; Col 1:13). It’s only as we come to Christ and respond to the offer of casting our burdens on Him that we will find rest for our souls (Mt 11:28).

Christ’s public ministry on earth was one of liberation from powers that oppose God and lead to death as He Himself announced, for He came to destroy Satan’s work and control over us (Lk 4:18,19; 1 Jn 3:8).  This resulted in deliverance from demonic oppression and healing for many (Lk 4:40,41, 13:16; Act 10:38). We are released from slavery to sin to be Christ’s representatives continuing the works that He did (Mt 28:18-20; Mk 16:15-18; Jn 14:12; Rom 6:14).

The law of the Spirit of life in Christ sets us free from sin’s bondage to be slaves of righteousness for the sake of the gospel (Rom 6:16,18,22; 1 Cor 9:19-23). Satan holds humanity bound in the area of our minds, through wrong thought patterns that include impure thoughts, lack of self-esteem, not comprehending our position in Christ, and not exercising the authority we have in the spirit realm to drive back his evil schemes.

The Bible states, “If Jesus sets you free, you will be truly free” (Jn 8:32,36). This must go from being just a mental understanding of our position in Christ to a wholehearted embracing so the transformation of our minds is outworked in our lifestyle and daily experience (Rom 12:2). As we apply the resources of Christ and appropriate the victory

Walk in the freedom Christ died to provide for you

that He gained for us, we will enter more fully into our inheritance as sons of God (Gal 4:1-7). Liberty does not mean independence from God; rather in serving God, man is truly fulfilled and finds genuine release into what he was created for. Christ has freed us from the legalism of the OT and fleshy nature so don’t go back into the bondage of slavery, to the old way of life, rather be controlled by the Spirit for “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom” (2 Cor 3:17; Gal 5:16-25). This is not a licence to do as we please, but rather the priviledge and responsibility to do what the Lord desires.

Our liberty operates inside the boundaries He has established to fulfill His will, so does not cancel out our obligations or give freedom to be self-centered, doing whatever we like or indulging the fleshy desires with inconsiderate actions which would entrap us again (Rom 14:1-15:7; 1 Cor 8:9-12, 10:23-33; Gal 5:1; 1 Pet 2:16). Therefore, while the cross frees us from sin’s condemnation it does not release us from the ongoing obligation to live righteously before God, to love Him and our fellow man (Mk 12:30,31; Rom 8:12,13, 13:8).  Rather, in gratitude for this liberty, Christians are exhorted to voluntarily sacrifice self for the good of others, motivated by the law of Christ which is other focused, and display the nature of God which brings glory to Him as we advance His Kingdom, not inhibited by man or evil forces and powers (1 Cor 9:21, 10:31; Gal 5:13,14, 6:2). 

See also: binding and loosing, bondage, boundaries, deliverance, freedom, laws, position in Christ, release, salvation, slave.