1/. A poor man mentioned in a parable, where Jesus illustrated that wealth can blind people’s eyes to the needs of others and destiny decisions made on earth can’t be altered after death (Lk 16:19-31).

2/. The brother of Mary and Martha whom Jesus loved deeply. After Lazarus died and had been placed in the burial tomb, Jesus raised him to life again  and told the onlookers to remove the grave clothes from him – “Lose him and let him go” (Jn 11:1-45).  Lazarus had been brought back to life but was severely restricted by those garments. The lesson here is that those of us who have been bound by the world’s restrictions, destructive habits and past failure need others to assist in bringing release and the full working of the liberty of Christ into our lives. Christ is the releasing agent but He makes us responsible to minister His power to others and them to us. While He can miraculously, and sovereignly does, move in many situations without other human input we are not to be independent members of the body of believers, instead humbly submitting to the loving counsel and ministry from others as appropriate. Don’t allow pride to prevent you accepting the help of others to bring about the complete freedom that is available in Christ.

See also: binding and loosing, Martha, Mary, release.