John Mark

<<writer of Mark’s gospel>>

Although not one of the 12 disciples, John Mark must have known Jesus personally to record the events. Barnabas and Paul took John Mark under their wings (Act 12:25).  He was with Paul at the start of the first missionary journey but deserted part way through and returned home.  Paul didn’t allow Mark to come on the next journey two years later.  However, Mark proved himself, and they became close friends. He wrote Mark’s gospel and his story is told in Acts 12:25-13:13, 15:36-39.

Lessons from his life: * In his youthful eagerness it seemed Mark did not have the staying power or level of commitment when the going got tough (Act 13:13).  He learnt by his mistake and was nurtured by Barnabas to become a valuable contributor to the spread of the gospel.  Do we acknowledge where we’ve gone wrong, humbly submitting to Godly counsel to overcome the weakness within?

* “Mark is helpful to me in my ministry” (2 Tim 4:11).  Our track record affects people’s attitudes and evaluation of us. Yet this does not have to be final. If we persistently and consistently change our ways we probably will be accepted and given another chance in spite of past failings. Do not discard those who have slipped up; help them come to a place of repentance, regain a right relationship with the Lord and effectiveness again in the Kingdom of God (2 Cor 5:18-20; Gal 6:1). Thank God, He is a God of the second, third…chance. He doesn’t wipe His hands of us.

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