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His name meant “son of encouragement” (Act 4:36,37).  He was a respected church leader, and many were brought to the Lord through him (Act 11:22-24).  Barnabas also kept an eye out for individuals needing help and encouragement, such as Paul and John Mark (Act 9:26,27, 15:37-39).  Barnabas and Paul were sent out on the first missionary journey (Act 13:2,3). His story is told in Acts 9:27-15:39. 

Lesson from his life: * Great works of God are not necessarily done in public view of the masses. Barnabas quietly ministered with genuine friendship and encouragement and was effective on an individual basis.  If Paul had not received this helpful relationship from Barnabas much of the NT writing may not have been produced.  We should be encouragers, building others up in their faith.  Don’t forget to thank those who are helping us along the pathway to heaven.  We need each other.  Encouragement counteracts one of Satan’s most effective weapons against Christians – discouragement.

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