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Instead of love, tolerance and believing the best about the other party, Satan wants to divide and spoil through people taking issue over insignificant matters. Unless dealt with this causes division, offence and a severing of the close bond there should be, especially among believers (Ps 133:1-3; Eph 4:1-3; Col 3:14).   The Bible’s message is if you are aware of a ‘problem’ with another person, resolve this grievance as soon as possible because broken human relationship affect our relationship with God (Mt 5:23,24; 1 Jn 4:20). The motive is to help, not put down or cause aggravation. There is a time to overlook and a time to address “Doing everything in love” (1 Cor 16:13,14).

God doesn’t like deceit or unfinished business. He’s into dealing with the dispute through confronting, with the goal of reconciliation. It is then relationships can be restored in wholeness, peace and love. When both parties meet again, there will be love and acceptance, not suspicion and bitterness. Don’t ignore or leave under a cloud of suspicion because criticism and bitterness will blight your path. Even if reconciliation is not complete, at least you can agree to differ.

Over time unresolved issues seldom disappear, some escalate while some diminish to smouldering ill feeling and strained relationships. Although Jacob, obeyed God by leaving Laban, he did this secretly rather than dealing with the issue (Gen 31:1-55).  Laban later confronted Jacob and resolved the matter politely.

Do I address issues or let them grow and create division?

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