<<spoken abuse>>

When verbally insulted respond slowly, quietly and graciously, not attacking the other person rather only addressing the situation in question (Prov 12:16).

Even if it is physical abuse Jesus teaching is don’t retaliate, instead turn the other cheek (or remove yourself from the situation if dangerous), love and pray for them, responding in the opposite spirit to what is being directed at you (Mt 5:38-44). It is more important to offer justice and mercy than to demand it. Don’t payback evil for evil, don’t quarrel, rather overcome evil with good, blessing in the

Overcome evil with good – Romans 12:21

place of a curse (1 Pet 3:9-12). This loving response and lifestyle will set the other person thinking and they will feel ashamed for what they have done and this will often bring reconciliation, for they will have nothing negative to say about your upright character (Rom 12:14-21; 1 Pet 3:16). 

Blessed are you when you are insulted because of me (Mt 5:11,12; 1 Pet 4:14).  Jesus did not try to defend Himself, instead submitting Himself to the Father who judges justly (Act 8:32; 1 Pet 2:23). Rid yourselves of all slander and insulting language (1 Pet 2:1).

See also: abuse, accusations, criticism, injustice, opposite spirit, persecutionreactions, slander.