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A brainwave such as a bright idea, a solution to a problem, or the possible approach to a challenge facing us is a natural function of our creative brains, which having been given the facts ‘works’ on the issue and comes up with the answer.

When faced with difficult problems and dilemmas pray for inspiration as to how to react

All Scripture is of divine origin. The writers wrote, under the anointing influence or inspiration of the Holy Spirit, what is ‘useful to teach, rebuke, correct and instruct in righteousness’ so we may be equipped to live God-honouring lives (2 Tim 3:16; 2 Pet 1:19-21). As the Bible is divinely inspired it’s in our best interest to live by its message. The Christian faith believes each of the 66 books making up the Holy Bible are truly inspired by God, totally true and reliable, while rejecting other early manuscripts (often called the apocrypha) as not being inspired by God. However, God did not dictate the text from heaven but rather gave concepts, thoughts and revelation to the writers who penned them, thus allowing for their own personality, linguistic style and cultural conditioning to flavour the message.

As well as Scripture, other people can challenge and inspire our faith and motivation to see what is possible. This is a good reason for reading (or viewing) Christian biographies.

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