“How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him, but if Baal is God, follow him” (1 Kgs 18:21). Jesus said, “You can’t serve two masters” (Mt 6:24). Divided loyalty is not a viable option; we can’t have a foot in both camps.

Joshua said, “Choose who you will serve”, then stated emphatically, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” (Josh 24:15). Decisions lead us along life’s pathways, so we should make them with wisdom and consider the long-term outcomes. We are instructed to carefully choose the path of our feet as “No one who puts their hand to the plough and

Is there an area I should be decisively acting upon?

looks back [reconsiders] is fit for service in the kingdom of God” (Prov 4:26; Lk 9:62). We should not make rash decisions that we will later regret or try to reverse. There is a time to evaluate, then comes a time to make a decision, to openly declare our intentions, if not in word certainly in actions, by committing ourselves to something or turning away from it. Unless we live by our convictions, we will be easily swayed as others will question and maybe ridicule us for failing to take a stand. “The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him” so taking time to hear all sides of a matter is a mark of wisdom (Prov 18:13,17).

With inconsequential matters it is okay to be indecisive, holding differing convictions with fluid or even no opinion yet striving to please God in all things (Rom 14:15). We do not need to have a hard and fast opinion on every subject, nor feel pressured to 'take a side' if we are lacking all the facts. However, in vital spiritual matters we are to know what the Bible says, and follow its teachings and principles (Ps 32:8, 119:105; Jn 8:31, 17:17; 2 Thes 2:15; 2 Tim 3:16). Indecisiveness about what God has declared to be true has no place in the life of any Christian. Being indecisive in such matters is motivated by cowardice (the fear of man), not a lack of knowledge (Prov 29:25; Gal 1:10).

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