<<lack of skill>>

It is the state of being useless and lacking ability. The enemies of the Jews ridiculed their wall building ability, claiming even if a fox climbed on it, he would break it down (Neh 4:3).

We are all learners in our journey through life, and not confident or competent in all things, however we will have natural inclinations in certain areas – develop your ability in them. Endeavour to become proficient by associating with those who are skilled in those areas, ask questions and probably they will offer advice and help as they see your desire to be better prepared.

Do not ridicule incompetent people as this will not build up their ability or their self-esteem. Instead, as appropriate, help such ones to become proficient; afterall others patiently instructed and guided you in various areas where you lacked ability. 

See also: competence, failure, inability, mistakes, skill.