<<impetuous, rash>>

An impulsive person is unpredictable, often changes their mind, jumps to conclusions, speaks or acts quickly, and without much thought.

Instead, we should make plans carefully, thinking through the options, weighing up the implications and considering the factors involved before committing ourselves, so we do not backtrack on our decisions; this includes following Christ too (Lk 9:62, 14:27-33). Endeavour to be in-tune with your spirit; if there is no inner peace about a situation do not proceed. Rather than rashly embarking on a venture then changing your mind, the better option is to investigate it first – this is not procrastinating but giving it ‘due diligence’ and thought.  Any major decisions should not be made spontaneously, rather only after careful and deliberate thought, and possibly the input of others. Sometimes quick decisions need to be made, however they should be soundly based, not illogical reactions that will have long-term detrimental results. This is why we should be controlled by the Spirit so our reactions are good and God-honouring.

A patient man has great understanding, while a quick tempered man displays folly, so do not be quick to speak your mind (Prov 14:29, 29:20; Eccl 5:2). A wise man’s heart guides his mouth and so we should be slow to speak (Prov 16:23; Jas 1:19, 3:2-10). The rash statements we make without due thought may cause conflicts with others, or trap us into doing what we would rather not do (Jdg 11:31). We are responsible for the words we speak; how many times in the heat of disagreement do we utter statements that we later regret?

The desire to ‘have’ can easily be manipulated by temptation, to act impulsively and satisfy our desires now, without exercising self-control or considering the well-being of others. Esau made an impulsive decision to satisfy his craving hunger by trading his birthright (Gen 25:29-34).  This

The flesh is quick to act, then spends a long time regretting the consequences

rash choice had uncalculated consequences which couldn’t be changed.  Reckless decisions made without any input from God, or even logically thinking through the options, won’t be beneficial in the long-term. God gave us a brain to use. Use it before acting.

See also: consequences, haste, impatience, lust, plans and purposes, rash, reaction, thinking/thoughts, urge.