An overemphasis on a principle or truth presents a false impression that can lead to serious error and if not corrected, will develop into heresy (wrong teaching). Without a good grounding in the Bible, it is possible to lurch from one view to its opposite (Eph 4:14). With all Bible teachings, there are balancing truths that bring a correct and more complete understanding, rather than just using an isolated incident or verse. For example, while it is good to emphasize the love and grace of God that draws people to Himself and forgives confessed sin, there is a time coming when those who continue to reject Him will experience His justice and judgement on their sin, with the consequence of eternal torment.

We are to know the truth yet speak it in love; unless our zeal for the truth is balanced by a genuine love for people, we are prone to being judgmental, harsh and lack compassion (Eph 4:15). Are there any areas of my physical life or Christian theology that may be out of balance? Being ‘hot’ for Jesus and walking in holiness, although viewed by ungodly people as fanatical or out of balance, is what He expects of His people (Mk 12:30; 1 Pet 1:16; Rev 3:16).

Workaholics, fitness fanatics and those on very strict eating regimes have a distorted or warped stance on life. While there are sometimes episodes of imbalance in our lives – an all-out effort to achieve a particular goal, or dealing with a major crisis or emergency – there should also be a time

Don’t lose sight of Jesus

to re-balance, reconnect with the other important aspects of life and regain more equilibrium. Following times of stress and focused prioritizing aim for periods of quiet and calm, where the true perspective and outlook on life can be restored. 

See also: balance, emphasis, error, heresy, over-emphasis, perspective, truth.