An artificially induced sleep-like state in which a person is very susceptible to suggestion and acts as instructed to. Although similar to autosuggestion
it is letting another person control the mind, and can become a form of brainwashing (Gal 3:1,2). 

The Christian’s spirit, under the control of the Holy Spirit should influence their mind, which in turn directs their actions. We are to yield ourselves — body, soul and spirit — to God, not another fellow human being (Rom 6:12,13; Jas 4:7). Do not allow anyone to manipulate and control your mind

Only allow God and His Word total control over your mind

by exerting such pressure and power, which does not come from God.  Evil spiritual influences (evil spirits) want to take advantage of weak-minded people, influencing them to do what they don’t want to do. Occult techniques are used.

Hypnotism is often promoted as a way of 'refocusing' on ourselves and finding the answer within. Yet as believers the solution we need is found in Christ alone, and our focus is to be on Him, not ourselves or anything else (Rom 7:18; Heb 12:2).

We can safely accept input and suggestions from others but not to the point where we have our minds taken over like a robot, without any say in matters.  We can buy into others plans and ideas yet are to remain in charge of our own faculties with the final choice being ours.

See also: evil spirits, manipulation, minds, occult, persuade, spirit realm, witchcraft.